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API Integration
Decaptcher API Integration Guide


Alternate Antigate API Clone at:


To get account balance / thread limits, post authorization username / password ONLY with no data. Balance will be returned in plain text format as a number. IE: 100


Name Type Description
textinstructions string Question from Captcha. IE: Select all mountains. Must be sent in text format; we do not support screenshots or Recaptcha Keys.



Name Description
click:1/2/3/ The images to select in the Recaptcha2 question. IE: Click the first, second, and third images.


Click Here to download PHP sample code for Recaptcha2



Name Type Description
Username string Username associated with your 1Captchas account
Password string Password associated with your 1Captchas account
Function string picture2 - Submit Captcha image for solving.You must use multipart headers - IE: Content-Type: multipart/form-data
Pict file The captcha image that needs to be solved/decoded.



Response Description
-2|Error - No Subscription Detected Returned if user has NO active subscription to 1Captchas
-2|Error Unable to solve captcha Returned if captcha not recognized / decoded successfully
-2|ERROR Exceeded Captcha Threads - Wait 30 Seconds Returned if user has exceeded Captcha limit for account size.
0|RESPONSE Will be returned when a captcha is successfuly decoded, where RESPONSE is the answer to your captcha. IE: 0|ABCDEFG

Click Here to download PHP sample code for classic Captchas and Classic Recaptcha V1





Text Captcha Solver Special Parameters:

Name Description
key TextCaptchaSolver Key from User Area
question The question to be solved. The content of the question value should be URL Encoded according to RFC 3986. Click here for more details

Example Question Request:

Path Description This url should be requested, not posted to. IE: File_Get_contents, Curl, or Wget will all work. The page will print the response, (Answer) to the question included.

All text captcha responses are in plain text format.



PS: We are only JUST out of beta, so our API documentation (and features) definitely need fleshing out. If you need ANY help at all integrating our service into your software, or simply getting it to work with one tool or another, please do not hesitate to contact us through the support ticket system.